Rockbride County Fair (part 2)

Last week I shared some photos of the beautiful quilts in the quilt show hosted by the Rockbridge Pieceworkers Quilt Guild in Lexington, VA. I promised more, so here are few others from the show.


This charming little quilt was Ann Gruner’s first quilt as a serious quilter, appropriately titled A First. It took “a first” place ribbon in a hand-quilted category. What I love about this quilt are the prairie points on the inner border. The prairie points are beautifully executed and the hand-quilted grid in the outer border lines up perfectly with them. The symmetry, the simplicity, and the choice of happy colors just make me want to curl up and snuggle in it. Great job, Ann!


Fractions, by Deborah Lane, is a quietly modern quilt. I think it was the palette that drew me in with its unusual, but warm and inviting, mix of colors. Even though it’s modern it almost seems vintage. The edge to edge quilting is a pattern called “Bauhaus,” a reference to a modern art movement characterized by its unique approach to design. I guess it’s the simplicity of the design which allows the interplay of colors that kept me returning to look at this ribbon-winning quilt. Beautifully done, Deborah.


Maureen Gray’s Christmas Trees was another ribbon-winner that caught my eye. As I mentioned last week, I’m a sucker for a scrap quilt. There’s just so much yummy fabric to see in a scrap quilt. Even though her description implies its not a Christmas quilt, I agree with her husband: they really do look like Christmas trees!


I was very happy to see an art quilt in this show. Early Spring, by Jan Hammer, has a wonderful depth to it. Her use of color to create depth and the gently-curving tree limbs for movement make this a lyrical composition. Especially fun are the small daffodils that line the rail fence at the bottom of the quilt. I love the attention to detail, Jan!

Saturn2 Saturn

Most shows don’t have a lot of wearables but this show had a rack-full on display. Nancy Epley’s ribbon-winning Saturn is a delightful homage to the 2017 eclipse of the planet Saturn. The movement and flow of the design elements immediately attracted me to this jacket. One sleeve shows the eclipse while the other has a black hole – like the ones in space, not the kind in well-worn clothes! I hope that Nancy really wears this because it’s an eye-catcher!

I hope you enjoyed this virtual mini-quilt show. It was a delight to attend and even more to participate in. If you have the opportunity, be sure to enter a local show and let others enjoy your work. Even when we quilters can find many faults in our own work, someone else will just find all the beauty. And isn’t that a good enough reason to share?



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