About Me

IMG_2305I’m a technology professional who is also a designer. My day job as a Scrum Master keeps me busy guiding teams of software developers, testers, and business analysts. Even after 25 years in many different technology roles, I still enjoy the work. But software is intangible and team-building isn’t easy to see or touch. I need something more concrete to feel a sense of achievement.

So at night and on weekends, I design things and make them. I’ve designed and installed kitchens, theatrical scenery, websites, graphics, interiors, drapery, and costumes. You might occasionally see some of those designs on the site. Techniques I’ve learned in those areas are all transferable to what I’m doing now – quilting.

I’ve been quilting since 2012. After my first quilt I was hooked; the combination of creativity and endless variety¬†feeds my need to make things you can see and touch. Not only am I making quilts, but I’m also designing them now and writing patterns. Very soon, you’ll find a few on this site to enjoy.

The internet is full of great, free resources for quilters of every level and age. Now it’s my turn to help others do what I’ve come to love. By sharing my work and the things I’ve learned from others, I hope to provide inspiration to others so they can come to enjoy the art of quilting as I do. Maybe sharing my journey helps you on yours.

So that’s it. I’ll update the blog 2 or 3 times a week and share patterns, tool tips, useful links, and other miscellaneous fun. I hope this site becomes one of your favorite places for quilting information and inspiration. And no matter what happens, just keep stitching!

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