Putting It All Together

It was a long search for backing fabric for the log cabin quilt. I wanted a black fabric with subtle coloring and it had to be patterned. No solid fabrics in this quilt! Turns out that is not so easy to find. Finally I located just what wanted at Missouri Star. They had just enough for me to use for setting triangles, binding, and backing.

I plan to use the leftover bits from the FQs to insert a little colored row in the backing. Since the quilt is so large – queen size – I’ll have to piece the backing anyway. So why not make it a little interesting and link it to the front with some leftover fabric?!

So I cut some pieces and experimented with making a column of fabric to insert into one of the seams on the back. I laid out two columns, trying one that was laid out in a graduated design and another that was just randomly mixed. Though I like the graduated look, the random mix matches the quilt front better – I’ll go with that one.


It’s time to piece the backing snd the front together. Exciting!


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