Quilting the Log Cabin

I’ve taken the quilt to Rebecca Mullins, a long-arm quilter in our guild who does fantastic work. We immediately hit it off last year when she designed the quilting on the raffle quilt I designed for our guild’s triennial quilt show. I want her to quilt this special quilt.

For those of us without a longarm, it’s sometimes hard to imagine what the final result will look like. So I’m here to tell you: trust your longarmer! In fact, be sure to read my  10 tips for making your longarm quilter happy before you take your quilt top to be quilted.

Longarm quilters spend a lot of time looking at quilting designs and they see a lot of quilts. As a result, I believe that good longarmers tend to develop a great sense of matching quilting designs to quilt tops. So listen to their suggestions.

In the conversation with Rebecca, she provided multiple options, each of them a nice, curvy contrast to the very straight-lined design of the top. We exchanged texts as she considered designs (normal for us), and in her texts she included screenshots like the one below for the designs under consideration.

Honestly, it was really hard for me to envision the end result of a design on a queen-sized quilt by looking at a two-inch pic on my iPhone. So I told Rebecca I trusted her judgement and asked her to choose the design she thought would look the best.

Here’s what she chose. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!


Happy Quilting!


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