Colorful Cabin Quilt Revealed!

It’s time for the big reveal: ta-da!


I know the quilting in this photo is impossible to see, but it was an excellent choice for this quilt top. Believe it or not, Rebecca chose a gold-colored thread for the quilting and it truly was perfect. It didn’t fight with the color and gave just the right amount of texture and contrast. We named the quilt Color and Light, a Sondheim song reference that is well-known to the theatre-savvy couple.

I was able to finish the hand-sewn binding in time to take it to “Show and Tell” at my guild meeting before carting it off to New York the next day. Whew! Just in time.

So what did the happy couple have to say about it?

“A formal thank you to follow, of course, but we have spent the morning sending photos of this quilt to people. It’s *gorgeous* and we couldn’t love it more!”

Just what we’d hoped for.

If you’re interested, here’s a link to the original version and a kit for this quilt in case you don’t want to mix and match fabrics on your own. It’s a fun, fast quilt to make and is just perfect for mixing lots of color and pattern. Mine’s way more colorful and exciting than the original (guess I’m kind of partial!) but you’re welcome to try their version. For my money, mixing and matching some vibrant Kaffe Fasset fabrics is the way to go.

Now I just have to buckle down to start my next project, which is an original design. Stay tuned for more!


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