EQ8 Designs

I haven’t been quilting much lately, but I have been spending time designing quilts in EQ8. It’s so easy to lose hours just lost in quilt design on the computer! If you own EQ8, you know what I’m talking about.

Since I can’t show you any real quilts in progress, here are few ‘virtual’ beauties to enjoy.

Beach balls
Wild Beach Balls


Wild Beach Balls emerged from a personal challenge to create an interesting design from just two solid-colored fabrics. I’m not sure I’ve found the perfect color combo yet, but I love the movement in this design.

If you can believe it, the entire quilt is made with only a single block. The design is pretty modern so I think it might work well for the annual 2-color quilt challenge for QuiltCon each year.





Festiva began as an experiment with the New York Beauty block. I’ve not made a quilt from this block yet, but am itching to do so. I’ve got about 60 color variations with varying border treatments as well. I haven’t settled on exactly the right one yet, but when I do I might actually make this quilt.



Nosegay quilt
Nosegay Parade

I recently came across the Antique Nosegay block, which I had never seen before. It’s such a calm little block I felt like I had to make traditional quilt design for it. The Baltimore album medallion in the alternate blocks seems to create a nice contrast.

While playing with the colors, it struck me that this would make really nice wedding quilt, perhaps with  30’s reproduction colors for softness.

Well, that’s all for now. Photos of real quilts in progress coming soon – promise!


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